Thursday, January 12, 2012

32 Websites For Bloggers

There are millions of blogs and more than a million bloggers, but the majority of these bloggers are not professional bloggers. Everyone cannot be a professional blogger because it requires skills and a blogging mind with new ideas.
These are some of the websites which I collected so that it can help you throughout your journey of  blogging.
1: - Leave comments on other blogs.
2: - Join a blog carnival.
3: - Create an Email Newsletter.
4: - Create a quiz.
5: - Submit your videos on multiple site.
6: - Submit your posts.
7: - Submit your contents.
8: - Submit your posts.
9: - Get more viewers.
10: - Submit your posts.
11: - Include Tweetmeme button in your site.
12: - Test your blog in different browers.
13: - Speed up your blog.
14: - Create iPhone application for your blog.
15: - Join forums and put a link to your blog.
16: - Create lenses.
17: - Create a hub.
18: - Share your posts.
19: - SEO.
20: - Submit your blog to search engines.

21: - Turn your blog into podcast.
22: - Join others bloggers in community.
23: - Submit your blog to free directory.
24: -  Submit your blog.
25: - Submit your blog.
26: - Add buttons to your blog.
27: - Submit RSS of your blog.
28: - Submit your blog to Bloglovin.
29: - Check your blog's health.
30: - SEO.
31: - Drive traffic into your blog.
32: - Drive traffic into your blog.

Increase blog's traffic with Social News Sites

One of the ways to increase your blog's traffic is joining social news sites, I have listed some of the websites below.
Simply join the ones related to your niche and check how much traffic they can send you.

AutoSpies – Auto News, Reviews, Car Photos, Auto Show Photos, Spy Shots
Blogs & Websites
Afrigator – African blog aggregator categorized per country

DailyHub – Social Content for Business Geeks – The Next Big Thing on the Internet is here. You pick it.
Small Business Brief

Campus Reader – America’s College Newspaper
Computers & TechnologyTweako
DZone – fresh links for developers
Educational Resources

Monday, January 2, 2012

What will happen in 2012?

What will happen in 2012?
I am not talking about scientific changes of the earth here but I have more than that, If you realize it.

First think about your past life from childhood to teenage and then to your age, After that think about about the world, your family, friends and the people you know, then compare your life with them like, He got this and I got that, She had a nice journey but I was at home because of that reason, I didn't enjoyed that day, bla bla bla.
Is it all over?
OK, Now listen.
You got one year to work on your dreams.
Take a piece of paper, No matter what your age is. Write down all the things you wanna do this year.
Like: I wanna hangout with my friends, I wanna buy a car or bike, I want to be part of football team, cricket team, I want to do this, that whatever you want, write it and keep it secret.
Now be strong with your ideas and beliefs. Do it with open heart no matter what comes in between you and your dreams, tie the rope tight and don't think about the world, It is your life not their.

 Now, you know that what will happen in 2012.
Yeah, whatever you want.
Enjoy the life in your way and make your path straight to the heavens.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year New Hope

Arrival of 2012

Countries around the world have been celebrating the 
Countries around the world have been celebrating the arrival of 2012. In Australia, Sydney staged a spectacular fireworks show with the theme "Time to Dream"

South Koreans celebrated New Year with a traditional fire ceremony on top of a hill, near the demilitarised zone with the North