Thursday, October 6, 2011

Death is life's best invention

Steve Jobs: 'Death is life's best invention'

The seventeenth of the worlds most power full people, who died on Wednesday  6 October 2011 after a long battle with cancer, was an inspiring speaker.
In 2005 he made speech to Stanford University in which he said his mortality was what helped him to make the big choices in his life.
The speed of time depends upon us (our own self), if you are quick enough to chase the time you will get whatever you want but if you can't run with  the speed of time you will lost everything of your life the happiness, laughter, joyful life and the most important one the peace of mind.
This life is the gift from  The God we have to tend it in our way, the best learning is from experiencing the life, the key of success is to learn from the worse days.
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Its about how Steve Jobs changed the auto industry.

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