Sunday, November 20, 2011

Start online business for free

If you are bored at home or there's noting to do then grab a computer and start your own business. No, Its not difficult and I am not joking with you. Its easy to start.

1:  -Create your own (.com, .net .....) domains with just $7.49* or Just 344 Rupees (click on above image)
or get a free sub-domain from sub-domain provider sites. You can  get blog in blogger, wordpress or other blogger sites.(search on Google you will get free sub-domain providers)
   Nowadays website making is very easy, It doesn't require any skills of html, Java, CSS.. you can make it very easy by website builders. Don't worry with getting a domain they will provide you easy to use website buiders.

2: After making a website, Now its your choice you can design your own products and sell it in the market but its kinda difficult to design your own.
   You can make money from giving the links to other's sites like Google Adsense which provides you the links and gives money with grantee. 

Up coming posts:
1: How to get affiliate account (How to get links from others sites?).
2: How to get pay per click account?
3: Top affiliate program websites.
4: How to sell your designed products online?

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  1. I am waiting for ur upcoming posts dude :)

  2. Dear Habib,

    Thanks a lot for supproting my blog in Indivine. Please give me your email id. Mine is I like this one whereby you request others to start doing online business by themselves.

    Thanks a lot. Will be nice to have you as my friend.

  3. I appreciate your interest, My email id is:
    or simply click on my name.
    Thanks for your comment.