Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year New Hope

Arrival of 2012

Countries around the world have been celebrating the 
Countries around the world have been celebrating the arrival of 2012. In Australia, Sydney staged a spectacular fireworks show with the theme "Time to Dream"

South Koreans celebrated New Year with a traditional fire ceremony on top of a hill, near the demilitarised zone with the North

Meanwhile, in Berlin, up to a million people celebrated the country's biggest New Year's Eve Party at the city's landmark Brandenburg Gate

Thousands of people joined celebrations in Red Square, Moscow, despite stringent security checks and a ban on alcohol

Large crowds of Spaniards counted down to 2012 in Puerta del Sol in Madrid, many of them observing a local tradition by eating 12 grapes in time with the chiming of the square's clock

Revellers in Brazil enjoyed a massive fireworks display at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro

Residents of Tokyo released balloons at midnight with messages attached listing their wishes for 2012.

At the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, visitors were showered with confetti during a light show to celebrate the arrival of 2012

Some 400,000 people turned out in Hong Kong to see a lavish fireworks display. In previous years Hong Kong businesses had paid for the celebrations, but as purse-strings tighten this year's event had to be funded by the taxpayer

In London, thousands of people lined the banks of the River Thames to watch a dazzling fireworks display light up the night sky

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  1. really bright and colorful!!! jus lookin at those pics rubs off a new years cheer on you!

  2. Colorful fireworks!!!! I like it.

  3. thanks for giving new info abour korean celebrations :)